Adapter / Electronic Connectors

All outlets are equipped with 230 V/50 Hz. Adapters are provided at the reception.

Baby cot

On request (10€/night).


The next bank is located at the Ludwigsplatz Please contact the reception for further information.


Weekdays 6:30–10:00 Sun- and holidays 7:00–10:00

Breakfastselection for room service (add. 5€):

Pleas ask for the breakfast menu at the reception. Please hand in the filled in menu at the reception until 9pm. the day before.

We gladly prepare a lunchbox for you if needed.

Change of Linen

Please contact the reception if you wish a daily change of your sheets and towels (5€/day).

Check-in /out

From 03 p.m. / Until 11 a.m.

Check-out time is until 11.00 am. If you wish to delay your departure, please contact the reception. You can leave your luggage at the reception.


A cigarette machine is located in front of the house.

Please note that smoking is not permitted in the hotel. Ashtrays are provided outside e.g. on our terrace or your balcony.

Do not disturb

Please leave the sign at the exterior door if you do not want to be disturbed.

Ear plugs

In case the city noises keep you from sleeping you can find ear plugs in your bedside table. Should they be missing please call the reception.


The elevator takes you from the basement up to the 2nd floor in the „Altstadt“ and „Hacklberg“ wings.

Emergency Exit

Please mind the signs at your room door and in the corridors.

Extra pillows/blankets:

In your wardrobe or at the reception.

Fire / Fire extinguisher

You can find information about the emergency exits in your room. Fire extinguisher are located on each floor and in the stairway.

Gas station

The next gas station is located in Nikolastraße 4.

Hotel bar

Open daily from 10 am Until 10.30 pm.


LAN-cables available (10€ deposit).

The Wi-Fi code is available on your desk.

Iron / Ironing Board / Service

Please contact the reception for an iron and ironing board.


Laundry which is delivered before 09 am to the reception will be returned until the evening same day. You can find a laundry bag in your wardrobe.

Lost Property

In case you find property please hand it over to our staff at the reception. If you have lost property please contact the reception immediately.


Luggage can be stored at the reception.


You can leave your letters and postcards at the reception. It will be picked up.


Every room is equipped with a minibar. The prices can be found in the price list.

Newspapers and magazines

Are on display in the Mühltal-Lounge.


The original paintings in our house depicting Passau motifs were painted by a local artist (Loher) and are for sale.

Further information at the reception.


Parking charge: 7€ per night.

Pets / Dogs

Pets and dogs are allowed in our house. We charge 6€ per night for cleaning.


The next pharmacy is located 650m from the hotel. Please contact the reception for further information.


Our reception is open 24 hours a day.

You may settle your account in cash, with EC-card and all major credit cards.

We provide a variety of toiletries free of charge, as for example sewing sets, nail files and bandaids.

You may borrow umbrellas, adaptors, iron and ironing board.

Stamps and picture post cards available.

You may give us your baggage for storage free of charge even after check-out.


In a city hotel our size only few people frequent the restaurant. Due to our proximity to the centre 600m or 8 minutes by foot, a lot of our guests prefer eatin in onr of the numerous restaurants in Passau. At our reception we kindly suggest you some restaurants in Passau.

At our reception we will also gladly hand over you some flyer of delivery-service. You can order the food directly to your room or to our reception.

You may as well enjoy your brought along food in our restaurant as well as on our terrace, where we will gladly serve you drinks alongside.


For your valuables you can use the safe at the reception as well as in your closet.

We can not be held responsible for loose money/valuables in your room.

Sauna – Jacuzzi

Sorry, but we cannot always guarantee sunshine and beautiful warm weather, but at least we can offer you lots of heat in our sauna.

Furthermore we offer you a whirlpool, a infrared cabin, a steam sauna and deck chairs for your relaxation.

You find our Sauna in the basement of the hotel. Towels are there for free. You may also borrow a bathrobe at the front desk.

Fee per bathrobe wash 3€

Terry slippers 3€

The sauna is free of charge; we ask you, however, to tell us half an hour in advance if you want to use it, so that we have time to heat it up. The whirlpool is also free of charge.

Opening hours: 4 pm – 10pm


Slippers are in the closet.

For terry-slippers, please contact the reception team.


Are available at the reception.


Please contact the reception.


  • Calls within the hotel:
    Just lift the receiver and push the button you want to be connected with.

  • Calls outside the hotel
    Lift the receiver and push the „0“ (line) than dial the desired number

  • Important phone numbers:
    Information service: 11833 (national)
    11834 (international)
    Taxi: 57373 oder 57500
    Tourist Information: 955980
    Train station: 19419



  • Country codes:





Great Britain:.......0044



Czech Rep.:...0042


USA:............... 001

  • Emercency calls: police 110


  • We charge 0,30 € per unit

  • You may order your wake-up call at the reception


In front of the breakfast room. Weather permitting, enjoy your stay outdoors.


Daily change on request.


Excursion information is available at the tourist information at the train station or at the town hall.


If you need an umbrella please contact the reception. (5€ deposit)

Vending machine

In the lobby.

After inserting coins, you may choose between several sodas and beer.

Wake up call

Our reception staff is glad to take your wake up request.