Rates per room and night breakfast buffet included in EU

Single room

75€ – 130€ Single room standard 

85€ – 140€ Single room Comfort

95€ – 150€ Single room Luxury 

Double room

105€ – 170€ Double room standard (twin room)

125€ – 190€ Double room Comfort 

135€ – 200€ Double room Luxury 

160€ Suite

7,5€ (per night) Garage


15€ Breakfast

Variable pricing system

The short version:

We don’t have uniform room rates . Our prices are recalculated daily and depend on , for example, Length of stay, day of the week , summer / winter, category , occupancy rate of the hotel, early / late booking. The lowest as well as the highest price is rarely considered. Most prices move about the middle of the price spectrum.

The long version:
For decades it has been common in the hotel industry to work with seasonal rates, early booking discounts and trade fair rates. But we have attempted to refine our pricing with many other components.

The longer the room is occupied , the better .
Certain days such as Sundays are particularly cheap.
Saturdays in the season are particularly expensive .
Winter is cheaper , summer is more expensive.
The sooner the booking , the better .
The more guests book for a specific date , the more expensive it is , the less … the cheaper.

If you are flexible with your booking date , please let us know . We will offer you the best period . Just go to the heading ” Request ” and send us your preferred dates , or request a period. You will receive an offer very shortly after.

By using years of market observations we enabled our hotels to have an utilization rate of between 82% and 87 % of occupied rooms projected for the whole year. This utilization rate was possible because we were already strongly orienting our prices at the occupancy of our hotels. This high utilization rate allows us to also calculate significantly lower prices than if the hotel would be only half full. For about 90 % of appointments a favorable or very favorable price-performance ratio can be achieved for your booking, which extends partially into the, or even below the price range of 2 -star hotels .

The reviews by our guests on the various Internet portals are to show that we are counted among the best rated hotels in Passau . The better the rating of our guests , the more it is an incentive to us to meet the expectations of our new guests. We hope that we have set a new milestone with our new guest -oriented pricing system!